A Brief History

The establishment of NECA was to develop, foster and safeguard the abroad study consultation services. Had NECA not formed, Nepal as a nation would be vulnerable to external forces in international education. Nepal was exposed to international education after the end of an autocratic Rana Regime. The trend took its hype when Nepal entered into the system of democracy in the year 1994. NECA was not present then, but some professionals in the office of abroad study services were witnessing the scene. These professionals soon realized for unity and therefore gathered in a table giving birth to NECA in 1997.

Since its establishment, NECA has been playing a significant role in facilitating students to gain access to international education. NECA’s such role changes as the pace of time. In 1997, it was just about clustering like-minded people at a table. In the millennium (2000), it was to revitalize all its members with the feel of cooperation, less the competition. After four years in 2004, it was to have varieties and for exploration of study options, identifying the key destination countries for students towards their further study options.

NECA was much matured when it arrived in 2007, and envisioned to have a role to provide proper information, guidance and counseling to students and parents. Just admission counseling was a trend in the past, and in 2009, NECA stepped ahead with a mission to equip every member, students and parents with an updated information on almost everything—policies and requirement, courses and the destination, places and the people. At the same time, NECA, with its 2nd series of Education Fair on the go, received a number of complaints by emails from the students that boarded plane to foreign land for their further studies. This was an intriguing role for NECA to monitor issues around and solve the problems therein, and at the same time collaborate with the government to tackle such issues and address as relevant. NECA faced numerous such occurrences in the past and succeeded in resolving almost every single of them by rewarding justice to the victims and penalizing the malefactors.

NECA now is not made up of groups as it was in 1997, but an organization of an elite community and elite members whereby everyone feels equally responsible to the community they live in. As an organization of elite, and for everyone, NECA now boasts everything from hosting the compliance office of discipline to international liaison committee, from the monitoring department to the national coordination team. With such composition of organisation, NECA ensures the current practice within the established code of conduct and maintains abroad study service within its scope.

NECA from its inception values its responsibility towards the society, and therefore hosts a number of scholarships on timely manner to Nepali citizens from the indigenous background.