NECA Aims & Objectives

NECA has already issued STANDARD NOTICES in several dailies and other publications and the mass media to all interested parties and established institutions to become aware of any malpractices existing in this profession and to give notice to NECA secretariat with evidence for due advice to be given by NECA and the correct legal action to be taken by the aggrieved parties.

NECA also plans to advice all students and parents seeking counselling for their higher education to go through only certified members of NECA.

NECA also plans to standardise the charges for standard services to be given by all NECA members .

NECA members will not be allowed to take unsolicited benefits from their clients – students and/or institutions. NECA also plans to take appropriate action against any NECA member if it is found to be in breach of the NECA CODE OF CONDUCT. (click here to view page).


  • To provide the right guidance, information, and counseling
  • To bring respect and maintain professionalism with ethics in abroad study consulting services
  • To continue to cluster everyone concerned in one platform through frequently organized events such as Education Fair, Education Expo, Workshops etc.
  • To guard itself, its members, students, and parents against any malpractices in the industry. [Such malpractices include giving misleading services and products, false information, trickery, and deceit. This can occur in either way: students and guardians misleading and cheating consultants, and consultants misleading and cheating students and guardians.